Everyone has it.

There’s that one song, maybe a few songs,  that you hear and it just hits you. You can drown out the world around you, all your problems, all those dark thoughts. For those few minutes you don’t care about anything, except the music.

Maybe it’s a beautiful piano melody, a gentle acoustic guitar or a thumping bass line that seems to reverberate around your entire body, shaking your soul into life. It could be the lyrics, pulling on your heartstrings, lighting up a dull day or even just making you laugh. It’s probably both. The words and the music wound together to create a piece of art that deeply affects you.

Then there’s the element of nostalgia. That sweet moment where you get to relive some precious memory from days gone by, even if it’s just for a split second. Does the song awaken some moment of bliss you thought you could never get back? Does it take you back to a simple childhood memory, a hazy teenage night or a life-changing moment from your adulthood?

Music speaks to us in its own unique way. It takes our emotions and twists them one way and another.  When a song really means something to us, it gives us a feeling like no other. A whirlwind of sensations can overcome us, we see people and places long gone, we feel things we thought we’d never feel again and we see the world in a way we’d never imagined before.

You’ve got that song, or those songs, in your head now. The cacophony of feeling created by the music, stirring somewhere in the deepest recesses of your mind.

There’s only one song on my mind. It incorporates all the elements I’ve spoken about. The musicianship is flawless, the lyrics perfect and timeless. It awakens memories that take me back, all the way back, to a time in my life I think about very rarely these days. It is, to me, the very essence of music, and in turn, art.